Caught Between Two Worlds
by Marion Weatherburn

Psychic Mediums are a misunderstood people. Being a Medium is equal parts exhilarating and challenging. If it’s a gift you have, you’ll understand the title “Caught Between Two Worlds”.

This book is the account of a Psychic Medium, Marion Weatherburn, who has used her gift time and again for good. Not merely because she could, but because she felt a responsibility to do so. It’s also an account of the emotional and psychological toll possessing this gift can have on a person.

Marion has given comfort, clarification, spiritual direction, closure and understanding through almost 2000 readings during her 33 years as a Psychic/Medium Reader.

Marion has chosen 30 readings for this book. Each story is a true account of these readings, followed by the testimonial from the person read for and the spiritual meaning hidden within, each one different. Each story has been carefully chosen for the heartfelt and inspirational message within. Messages of hope, closure, inspiration, humour, understanding, enlightenment and love.

In this book you will learn more about the genuine nature of the ability to communicate with spirit, not another talk-to-the-dead gimmick.

Learn and gain inspiration from the spiritual teachings and messages that have come from her incredible ability to connect with both physical and spiritual beings. Marion has touched the lives of those in this book, let her also touch yours!

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