by Leo Drioli

“If a book had a soul, then this book would be brimming with Spirit.”
– Denise Linn, author of “Soul Coaching”

With freshness and a unique blend of spiritual insight, poetry and simple life wisdom, Leo Drioli draws our attention to everyday occurrences in his daily life, which offer insights together with simple techniques for attuning ourselves to the natural and dynamic inner movement of our own lives, which is the key to finding joy both within and without. Reading this book will help you to witness every moment in your life – even those that seem filled with pain or conflict – in another way, a way that brings a sense of unity rather than separation and fear, plus a deeper, truer, more satisfying life in this world.

Leo Drioli is the co-editor of InnerSelf Newspaper, an Australian personal growth publication. Leo is also a singer/songwriter, having releasing his first EP "Let Your Spirit Sing" in 2014, Get a free download of his single "Give It Your Love" at www.LeoDrioliMusic.com

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