Essential Teachings & Practices from
by Enza Vita

Excerpted from the bestselling book Always Already Free by Enza Vita, this companion pocketbook offers the essential practice of “Instant Presence”.

“The practice of Instant Presence is an opening,”– says Enza Vita “a relaxing of our focus (while maintaining alertness) and letting everything come to us instead of us chasing after something (even though the reality is that awareness doesn’t “come” to us because we already are that). The words “relaxing into it while maintaining alertness” seem to point to a mind-made effort, but what I’m talking about is to leave the mind as it is, without giving it anything to do. We don’t strive to reach some “amazing goal” or some “advanced state.” Nor do we use the practice to “go deep into ourselves” or to withdraw from the world. All of that only obstructs the free flow of our natural state and conditions us to believe that our already enlightened nature is somewhere other than right where we are, as we are, right now. Instead, we just trust, connect, and realize what is already here.”

Enza Vita is the publisher and editor of InnerSelf Newspaper and past publisher and editor of Woman Spirit magazine and the founder and director of the MahaShanti Foundation, a non-profit organization serving the spiritual awakening of all beings. She has spent over 40 years searching and studying under many of the great spiritual teachers of our age and she was exposed to the wonderful writings of many others around the world. As a result she was able to discover the universal teaching underlining all of them and to distil and present a modern practical authentic spirituality that reaches beyond all religions, yet allows for them all to remain, as they are. “The truth I talk about is not limited to any tradition” – says Enza Vita, “but is found in, and open to, all true traditions”. She now presents her work through the MahaShanti Foundation, a non profit organization serving the awakening of all beings.For more information, please visit

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