by Virginia Lee

This work of poetry beginning with the first poem “The Forge” conveys the search of a human being to come to a knowledge of the self, the True Self.

It builds Inner Knowingness expressed at first in the confines of time and space in “The Forge”, and then gathers momentum in recognition of further confines in “Our Christian Paganism”.

Turning to mysticism, it takes a new focus for the profound truths of being. Insight grows as the search gathers impetus, and a thread of meaning is refined as the work continues through the aisles of the “Dark Night of the Soul”.

A continued need to hold-fast to the enlightenment, given by love to life, throughout further empty, lonely times bears its fruit to sustain the spirit.

At last reaching a haven of peace beyond all earthly love (which only reflects the Divine) the Soul Personality finds its own Self Reliance.

This continuum of the Odyssey captures “that” which leads to the beginning of “The Love That Passes All Understanding” and carries all back to the beginning and its ending in the final poem “And So Be It”.

The world today desperately needs clear voices of inspiration, peace, clarity and hope to remind us all of our own divine purpose here. Virginia’s words offer exactly this. In the time honoured tradition of the classic mystic/poets such as Kahlil Gibran, William Blake and Rumi, Virginia Lee offers up her work in joyful service to that profound one that sits within us all.
LEO DRIOLI — Editor of InnerSelf newspaper and author of Every Moment’s a Miracle

Virginia Lee entered into embodiment this lifetime with full memory of what we call Heaven, that placeless place that in truth surrounds us always, yet isn’t usually evident until we move beyond embodiment into the inner worlds between incarnation. This realm of peace and harmony inspires and informs all of Virginia’s work to this day, bringing the listener or reader of her poetry in direct contact with this same placeless place of peace and harmony within themselves.

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